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Why Diets Don't Work

By Denver Steyn on December 18, 2013

Dieting can be an interesting phenomenon. A new, self-proclaimed latest and greatest approach in fat loss hits the market and you are ready to jump on it. Monday rolls around and the first day is perfect. Everything is organised and your beach body is right around the corner. Weeks and often days later, everything has changed. You got busy, had a work lunch to attend, and cheated a few times on your new diet. Motivation has dropped. Your energy is low and your cravings are high. You are ready to call it quits.

The absolute reason why diets do not work is due to a couple of factors.

Lack of FLEXIBILITY is in my honest opinion the biggest down fall when it comes to dieting for fat loss. A strict unforgiving structure is provided demanding that you eat this food at this time, every day, no excuses. You fail, and then you quit.

Boring food choices come up next. There is only so much chicken and broccoli one can eat before the process of eating a meal is no longer pleasurable. We as humans need VARIETY. Too much of anything in life can become overwhelmingly bland and boring.

GUIDANCE is also a large part of staying on track. Devising a plan to reach your goal can sometimes seem difficult without guidance and support to coach you along the way. This is why a personal trainer or nutritionist can be such a valuable tool. You can have everything you need to get started but without the support and accountability provided to you by another person you can often lose focus on what you want, how important it is to you, and how you can make it work.

Beyond these factors mentioned, the last limiting factor that kills a diet is bad habits. Bad eating habits generally result from a history of using food as a remedy to cure emotional stress or boredom. Relationship breakdowns and other emotional stressors often result in over eating which leads to weight gain, or under eating which can have multiple consequences as well. A bad eating habit can seem like an addiction. It may be the single reason why your results are not where they should be, as bad eating habits are an issue that requires LIFESTYLE IMPROVEMENTS.

They say the best diet is one you can follow consistently. Identifying these limiting factors and making a plan to work around them can assist you in your approach to attaining and maintaining the body you truly want.