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What Diet Next?

By Amber Walker on December 02, 2013

The media is constantly telling us about the celebrities using ‘wonder’ diets to loose weight and keep in shape. Whether it’s the ‘zone diet’ the ‘cookie diet’ or the ‘cabbage soup diet’ there is always something in the media to tempt us into trying the next fad.

When considering which method you are going to try next I strongly urge you to try the healthy balanced diet. Though its not a fad or the quickest way to loose weight it is the quickest way to optimum health.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a lot easier than you think, start by following these easy steps:

  • Limit processed foods often found in the centre isles of the supermarkets. Replace them with fresh protein, salads and vegetables.
  • Eat every few hours to avoid binging on junk food
  • Drink Water, not only does drinking water help flush toxins it also helps fat metabolise. It is also worth noting that often thirst can be confused as hunger.
  • Keep snacks as natural as possible, think nuts and berries.

Be prepared. Keeping healthy pre prepared meals and snacks on hand will help you stay on track.

Keep your fridge stocked with healthy salads and vegetables so you don’t have an excuse to make unhealthy choices.  The occasional treat is fine… but just remember a treat is a treat, not an everyday food group.

I always like to remind people that our body is supposed to run on ‘real’ food, just like your car is meant to run on petrol, gas or diesel.  Ask yourself, would you put some second-rate form of substitute fuel in your car? No…because you know the car would malfunction and more than possibly break down. This is exactly how the body reacts when you feed it junk food.