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Nutrition, Supplements & Training for Females

By Vlatka Dragic on May 27, 2014

360 with Vlatka Dragic WBFF Pro

All of us females want to look good and feel great too, all year round! We want to be nothing less than our best yet some of us are not prepared to do the work. It all comes down to that mental switch in your head and starting to be positive about your fitness goals! There is so much motivation on social media these days and instead of just wanting to be your best, you should change the way you think about your body and make fitness your lifestyle!

Every day I create diet, supplement and training plans for girls all around the world. All plans need to work hand in hand so your body is getting the right nutrition, correct training and beneficial supplements that will help you transform!

Instead of depriving my body I consume nutrient dense foods and every day of the year I have a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats. All of the foods I recommend are clean and metabolism friendly. No one wants’ to feel bloated, so I choose foods for myself and my clients that my body can easily digest! Everything you eat and drink plays a role in your body's hormonal balance. To lose weight or gain lean muscle, you need to keep your meals balanced and fuel yourself with clean calories your body can use. If you want to change your body, everything you eat counts. Set yourself up for success by choosing the right foods which will be effective in your transformation and yes, you guessed it, won’t leave you bloated!
The truth is: Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. Your body prefers clean, wholesome foods. Work with your body to optimise digestion, promote fat loss and support the release of healthy hormones in females.

Here are some of the healthy foods I eat daily and recommend to my clients:

  • Carbohydrates: Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, Oats, Quinoa
  • Fats: Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Natural Peanut Butter
  • Protein: Kangaroo Patties, Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Perch White Fish, Eggs, Lean Beef Steak

Here is where most females get confused as there are so many brands and options available! There are some really nice tasting supplements on the market and they are also very beneficial for fat loss and gaining lean sexy muscle and curves!

My favourite supplement that I recommend to clients is Isomorph WPI Protein by APS. It tastes amazing in chocolate flavour and it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This protein will not only taste amazing on your oats every morning but it’s also a great way to reach your daily protein requirements and help you support a lean and toned physique!

Another product that I have personally been using for 5 years now to help me reach my ideal body fat % is called D-fine8 Zero by Musclewerks. D-fine8 Zero will give you steady energy with zero sugar to help you with your shredding and it tastes amazing! What else could us females want? I have 1 scoop every morning as soon as I wake up and another scoop before my weights and cardio training!

I am a personal trainer and this is my favourite part of the equation! Female training is so much different to the way men train unless your goal is to build strength, size and power. I have tried so many different techniques and trained many females over the years and there is nothing I find more effective if you’re trying to get toned and sexy than Supersets and Tri Sets. Circuit training with minimal breaks and exercises that will isolate and make your muscles burn always get my clients best results. With females, I found this is one of the best ways to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. It works for me and this is how I train all year round!

My bodyweight-only workouts are the hardest sessions I do! I do 2-3 different exercises such as Smith Machine weighted squats combined with Walking Lunges combined with Jump Squats. My training is hard, challenging, but always transformative! My clients are getting unreal results training this way and they’re learning their body is a powerful fitness tool!

Every training plan I design for clients is personalised, but I do follow a specific process. I first look at their lifestyle, current diet and hormonal levels. I look at what's going on inside a client's body. If I can fix a client's internal problems through better nutrition, better habits and motivation, I know that my client will achieve better results from training.

I help clients improve every aspect of their fitness. I help them get strong, flexible, fast, and ready to move. These physical improvements help my clients transform psychologically, and all of my clients become more confident and happy. I also focus on making my clients laugh and think positive, as once you have a positive outlook on your fitness goals you will be more likely to transform to your best self!

If you can inspire somebody you can change a life. It’s not just about having abs, but if you can create a positive change in another person you've set them up for success. I love seeing my clients smile and see them amazed with their body! You can change your whole world and shine. The only thing you need to do is try.