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It's not all about looks!

By Amber Walker on November 29, 2013

At the beginning of a health and fitness journey most people are focused on the visual results obtained by a health and fitness regime. Whether it be weight loss, weight gain or a matter of toning up, the vast majority of people are focused on how they will look once the program has begun.

Typically after a few weeks of living a healthy active lifestyle these same people will begin to realize they ‘feel’ better. It as at this point they begin to realize the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for overall health.

The benefits can not only be felt physically, from having more energy to feeling stronger, but can also be felt mentally. It is not uncommon to develop mental strength with a brighter more positive outlook on life.

An increase in confidence and feeling sexier both for ones self and ones partner are positive effects of living a healthy active lifestyle. Once a feeling of health is achieved it is surprising how much the aesthetic reasons for beginning the journey are placed on the backburner. Most people report ‘feeling’ healthy as being far superior to ‘looking’ fit.

The surprises don’t end there, the amazing thing is once a person is happy concentrating on ‘feeling’ fit and healthy the aesthetic results are sure to follow. Focus on feeling fit and healthy and you will look fit and healthy as a result.