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Outsmart Your Metabolism

By Armada Nutrition Athlete Denver Steyn on August 05, 2015

A Quick Guide To Outsmarting Your Metabolism

As a survival mechanism your body fights back against weight loss. Due to a series of events, your metabolism will slow down to delay and avoid starvation. This is why rapid weight loss is rarely advisable for anyone who isn’t severely obese. Furthermore it is rarely sustainable for anyone beyond the first few weeks.

When your metabolism doesn’t have time to adjust to a rapid drop in body weight, it will do everything it can to return to the weight it considers normal. This could be why many people who attempt a rapid fat loss phase end up overeating at the end of it, suffer from cravings and give into cheat meals sporadically.

It’s clear that progressive fat loss is ideal; however your body will still fight against you. To keep your metabolism from slowing down too far, your first and most important tool is protein. Because it takes more energy to digest, protein will keep your metabolism elevated. Protein also supports lean tissue, which will help you to retain as much muscle as possible.

The other tool is intense exercise. I say intense in a sense that it should be an uncomfortable experience for your body. The worst thing you can do is exercise that is easy or your body has adapted to. If you walk every day for 30 minutes eventually your body will become efficient and comfortable. This means it will no longer be a stress or an effective tool for weight loss. Weight training is the ideal approach in this regard, followed by high intensity interval training or low intensity cardio in phases.

While exercise is a viable and necessary tool, controlling what you eat and how much you eat will have a much larger effect for most of us. Focus on eating enough food to fuel your training sessions, however controlled enough to be dropping body fat, and train hard enough to retain lean muscle.

Article written by Armada Nutrition Athlete and strength and Nutrition Coach Denver Steyn. For Personalised Training and Nutrition Plans from Denver designed to protect your hard earned muscle, provide energy for training and create an effective fat loss environment, check out .