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Fibre. It's important!

By Denver Steyn on December 18, 2013

We were all told as kids to make sure we eat our vegetables. But why? Was it some kind of punishment? Well maybe for some, however I actually enjoyed eating vegetables as a kid and find myself eating them pretty much every day. For me, there are two main reasons as to why I include vegetables in my diet. One is because they keep me full and contain such low calories that I can fill my plate with various greens and not worry about putting on body fat even though I have eaten quite a big meal. The second reason is because vegetables generally contain high amounts of fibre.

Fibre is an important content of carbohydrate food sources. This is because fibre is thermogenic and produces heat through metabolic stimulation. What this means is an increase in calorie expenditure leading to fat loss. Fibre also slows the digestion of foods and helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Another plus of fibre-rich food is that it provides plenty of vitamins and minerals, which the body cannot produce. These micronutrients are important as they are needed for a whole range of physiological functions in the body.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends a minimum of 20–35 g/day of fibre for every 2000 calories consumed.

Initially, eating large quantities of fibre may cause bloating which should diminish within a few weeks. It is best to increase your intake gradually and consume plenty of water.

I personally enjoy eating a blend of broccoli, green beans, and peas with one to two meals per day, usually towards the end of the day to keep me feeling full over night.